Cloud Storage: Google Drive vs. Dropbox


(Figure 1)

Google Drive was launched in 2012. It is a free platform where you are offered a storage to “create, share, collaborate and keep” different files. Initially, Google Drive gives its users a storage of 15GB for free. You can use this storage across Drive, Google+ Photos and Gmail. If you would like to pay a little more for a bigger storage, Google Drive offers 10GB for 4.99 per month.

You can access your files stored in Google Drive anywhere from any of your devices. You can set up offline access so that you can still be able to view documents stored in Google Drive and edit them.

Google Drive enables its users to sync their files whenever there is an Internet connection, so your files and folders are always up to dates. This is very useful when you work as a team to collaborate in files sharing. When you change something in your files on one device, it changes everywhere.

Google Drive supports up to 30 different file types, which you can open directly within the web browser. You can open files even though you don’t have the software to support on your computer. Besides you can view those files, you can also edit them online.


(Figure 2)

Now let’s take a look at Google Drive’s peer in the market – Dropbox. Dropbox was released in 2007. It is also a free service that enables you to take your files, photos and videos anywhere with you and share them easily.

With a growth in the past 6 years, Dropbox now has 200 million users around the globe. Users are using Dropbox mainly for sharing files with family, friends and team members in a team project. The application developed by Dropbox work on various operation system including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Linux.

Dropbox lets you access your files dropped in the Dropbox folders on  your computer, phone or Dropbox website. The first 2GB storage is free. You can get an extra storage of 125MB if you connect your account with Facebook, and 125MB if you connect with Twitter. More storage can be offered if you refer your friends to use Dropbox or send them your feedback. Sounds interesting. Dropbox’s Pro Plan offers 100GB for $9.9 and you can upgrade to max 500GB for $49.99.

Same with Google Drive, Dropbox works offline too. Changes made in a file will be automatically synced when you connect with Internet.

Dropbox support most of the files including PDFs, documents, video, photos, Photoshop files, and music. Not like Google Drive, you can only view these files but you cannot edit them online. You will be required to download the file first, after editing it, you will need to upoad it again to the cloud storage for sharing.

So generally speaking, Google Drive and Dropbox both offer free files storage on their platform. While Google Drive offers 15GB for free, Dropbox offers only 2GB initially, though you can always get extra space by offering something to Dropbox. For paid storage, Google Drive is much cheaper than Dropbox. Both Google Drive and Dropbox enable their users to access files offline and the files will be synced when there is Internet connection. In addition, if you deal many types of files, both Google Drive and Dropbox can serve you. However, if you prefer to edit your files from anywhere at anytime quickly, only Google Drive allows you to do that. With all the competitive features that Google Drive has, I personally prefer Google Drive if I need such a service.



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