Google Analytics Overview of My Website

My website:

When I was assgined to build up a website and apply the SEO knowledge gained from SMD103, I firstly decided to write something about household tips and products and then link the content to my planned online shop. I did one post and linked the content to a friend’s shop on (a top Chinese online shopping platform). But the result is not good. I think the main reason is that my post is kind of unattracitve and I didn’t promote my website, not even starting from my friends and classmates. Now I have canceled my plan of online shop and so changed my topic on my website to WeChat (China’s hottest social media platform) application.

This time, after I posted 3 blog posts (2 of them are the assignments) on the website, I informed my friends to visite it. I can only write about my Google Analysis up to now, because fianally I got some visible result on Google Analysis to talk about. The graphic below is the screenshot of the report generated by the plugin Google Analysis (on dashboard of my WordPress)on my website.


(Image from Google Analysis)

On Nov 4, when I published my first assignment post (Start Using WeChat from Scratch), there were 4 visitors. These visitors came to my website before my informing my friends. So they are totally surprise to me. The visitor number didn’t change until Nov 6, when I published another post, a video tutorial on how to add contacts on WeChat. 7 visitors visited my website on that day.

On Nov 7, soon after I promoted my website among my friends, there is a jump on the visitor number, 50 visitors. This told me that at the very beginning, promoting a website from close relationship is a good and easy start. Some of my friend even told their friends to pay my website a visit. On Nove 8 there are 10 visitors on the web, which I think is normal. And the number dropped to 1 on Nov 9.

I should not be too happy about the fast growth of my website visitor, because on the Google Analysis report, there is a Bounce Rate of 68.49%. According to an article written by Ann Smarty, a bounce rate of 60 – 70% is “typical” (only 50% or less are good). This shows to me that I have to improve the content on my website, so as to keep my visitors on my pages.

Considering there are only 3 pages and 73 visitors in total on my website, the Pageviews of 207 is not too bad. Averagely, every visitor visits 2.8 pages and spent about 2.5 minutes on my site (Avg. Time on Site) Among all the visitors, 78% are new users, which I hope will grow higher in the near future.

On the Google Analysis report, my top page is my video post. I assume that’s because image and audio attract more audience, as always. I should continue to create such kind of content in my following posts.

Google Analysis is a good tool to keep tracking the website activities. Besides giving me an overview of my website statistics, it lets me know what I should improve and what I should keep working on. I will continue learning about it and use it to optimize my website.

Source: Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog, by Ann Smarty.