A Social Media Team of 5 for Business, Non-profit and Government

SoMe Team of 5

For Business, Non-profit and Government:

If we are going to set up a social media team of 5 members for business, non-profit and government, we will need Social Strategist, Community Manager and Web Designer for all 3 sectors.

Social Strategist: This role is to develop a comprehensive social media strategy that determines how social media campaigns will be done with the alignment with overall organizational strategy.

Community Manager: This will be the direct contact for the organization regarding any issues around social media communication. He or she is also the connection between audience and internal teams.

Web Designer: Considering the importance of content/visual development, a web designer who can provide strong support in technical and visual aspects will benefit the social media team greatly.

For Business only:

Business Liason: The key responsibility of a business liason is to co-ordinate with business teams such as sales, marketing and PR in order to combine the efforts to maximize the outcome of social media activities.

Digital Strategist: This role will work closely with team to integrate social media activities into all digital channels like TV, radio and other Internet platforms. This digital strategist can also be a member of marketing team.

For Non-profit only:

Content Manager: When there is limit financial and human resources, to win in social media marketing requires non-profits to develop really good content. For most of the non-profits, social media channels are the main channel for them to market their organizations and causes. So the necessity of having a content development manager for non-profit is greater than any other sectors.

For Non-profit and Government:

Education Manager: Not like practitioners in business sector, people in non-profit and government sectors adapt to social media in a more conservative way. An education manager is needed in the team to coach executives and program managers on how to manage their social media presence. The responsibility of education manager also includes the supervision on communicating rules and regulations formulated by these two sectors clearly and properly.

For Government only:

Agency Partner: A third party agency partner who provides efficient and effective social media engagement solutions is more affordable and necessary for government. Agency partners should be professional and trustful in order to manage information/policies confidentially.

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