4 Rules for Engagement Success on Social Media




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If you are in a business with presence on social media, you must want to attract as much audience as possible on the channels you are on. If you are just an individual who has fun on social media for personal life, you must want to be a star among your friends and earn as many likes/shares as possible. Not matter it is a business or a personal social media platform, you will want to engage people on it. But how? I think there are 4 rules to follow:

  • Target the right people

In Chinese, there is an idiom, Dui Niu Tan Qin, which literally means playing music for a cow and expect the cow to compliment the player. This idiom tells us if you put your effort into someone who are not interested in you or have no value for you, you are not getting what you expect. There are so many people on so many social webs. But there is only a small portion of people who are your target audience. For example, if your product is car seat, you will only target parents with younger kids rather than parents with teenager.  In other words, parents with teenager will not engage with you. Only when you are having your target audience, your goals of social media engagement will be accomplished.

  • Choose the right platform

There are an uncountable number of social media webs out there. Not all of them are good for your business or personal brand. So you have to be wise when you try to choose the right ones. Each social web has its only unique features and audience demographics. For example, there are much more female users on Pinterets than male. Users on LinkedIn are mostly professionals or B2B business practitioners. By determining which social media platforms are good match for your products or services, there are more chances that you will fully engage your audience there.

  • Optimize the content

Ever landed on a website with boring topics and unappealing images? Ever found some Facebook pages with only product information but no other content that makes you feel like interacting with the business? Ever hid a friend’s activity feeds only because he/she always posts something uninteresting? These all mean the content is of low quality. This is what you should avoid when trying to engage people on social media. Post only the content that brings value to your target audience. Put up qualified images, as we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Create content that are inviting to your audience so that they may want to interact with you.

  • Dedicate to manage your online communities

Social media is a fast growing industry. But the success on social media requires lasting time and effort. To engage people on your social webs is a time consuming task. You will need to have someone especially responsible for replying to and interacting with your audience, so that the audience will feel they are cared and want to engagement with you more. People also tend to engage more on those social webs that update frequently and response fast. This also requires some dedication from the community management team.

All in all, if you have the right people on the right social platform, and there are dedicated people who optimize your social web content effectively, your audience will for sure be engaged.


How to choose the right social media platform for your business?


In this fast-paced ever-evolving digital world, every few months a new social media platform launches, urging businesses to create an account and catch up the new features of this new “toy”, with the goal of attracting more fans in mind.

It’s very crucial to choose the right social media platform with the mindset of putting PEOPLE first, technology second. Regardless your thorough understanding of all the traits of each social media platform, if your social media platform hasn’t been chosen via the first consideration of your PEOPLE – customer and prospective, your engagement with your social media audience will be facing great challenges. We are not saying it’s not important to monitor the evolution of technology, it is only less important when it comes to the decision-making point of which platform and what strategy you are going to adopt.


Choosing the right social platform for high quality engagement


By Ian Stockley | August 5, 2013 | ww.fourthsource.com